Chair_Town Liaison
Maintenance Committee Coordinator
Community Outreach Co-ordinator 
 - Hank Ross
 - Rick Siegel
 - Kathie Marsh

Highlands Dog Park:  
The Town of Highlands has a friendly and safe place to exercise your dogs off the leash.
Entrance  located at the town recreation park just off of Foreman Road within the gravel parking lot.
Park Hours:   
Dawn to Dusk
We ask that everyone Follow the posted Rules and Etiquette.
Please join us - Everybody is welcome.
Help us pave the way
for our animals.
Please consider
a brick paver for the park.
Purchase Form here
or call 828 743 5752



   Highlands is a great place to live, work and visit, so it's only fitting that we have a first-class dog park. Our park is a separate 1/2 acre area, behind the civic center, safe for dogs, enclosed with a five-foot fence, surrounded by beautiful forest land.

    People can take their dogs and allow them to run and play off-leash. It is a place where dogs can socialize with new people and other dogs, where you can play Frisbee or throw a tennis ball for your dog to chase. It is a place where people who like dogs can come to socialize with other dog owners and their dogs and let the dogs get the exercise that they need.

    It is also a place where people who like dogs but cannot have one, for whatever reason, can come to enjoy the company of dogs and their owners.

    We have a cleared area for dogs to run with reckless abandon. And for those who want their smaller dogs or senior dogs away from the rambunctious large dogs and energetic puppies, we have a separate fenced area for them. You will find water and a covered area in the park.

    The park has a wood-chipped base (no mud). We are open from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.

     Please send your photos to dogparkhighlands@dogparkhighlands.com and add your dog's photo to our collection.  By viewing our site, you will also get up-to-date announcements about the Dog Park.